What is Search Engine Optimization ?

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SEO is defined as a process that helps a website or a blog to appear in the search engine query result. It can also search for videos, images, and news and other than text and images search. The SEO consultants must follow various strategies to provide a higher ranking to the website or blog on Google. There are various steps and methods for web developers to obtain a higher ranking on the website. A website must be submitted to a search engine to allow for indexing.

Working of SEO:

  1. SEO is a web-based tool that is designed to locate information on the www
  2. Crawling is the process used by the search engines to discover updated content on the web. Such as new websites or web pages, changes to existing websites, and dead links.
  3. A search engine index provides the results for search queries and the pages that are stored within the search engine index that appear on the search engine result page.
  4. Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, etc.
  5. A user can use various techniques and strategies to search for relevant content on Google.

How to optimize :

 Overview of optimization technique are:

1. On-page optimization

2. Off-page optimization


Navigation :

Navigation is of the following type:

1. Internal Navigation: 

It involves links that make the user move from one page to the other page on the same website.

2. External Navigation:

It involves links that move the user from page to some another website.


Keyword and content :

Keywords are popular terms that are attributed to a certain website. The right keywords must be selected to direct the user to accurate and useful results. This can be done by selecting specific and focused keywords instead of generic keywords.

Keyword Research and Analysis :

Keywords from the foundation of SEO in optimization. They are the words reflecting a potential visitor through while typing in the search box of a search engine, Keywords a be a single word.


Optimizing Images and video content :

Images are the fundamental components included while designing the web pages. An SEO consultant should take efforts to optimize them based on their usage on the page the element used to display images on the page is <img> tag.

Some Important Points of SEO:

1. SEO involves designing of websites that achieve a higher ranking by the search engines.

2. The page title informs that user and search engine about the type of information contained on the page. They optimize the capabilities of a search engine.

3. Meta tags are used in HTML or XML documents to provide structured metadata about a web page.

4. Rich snippets are structured data that allow a webmaster to markup content in ways that provide information to the search engine.

5. Site maps help search engines to identify and classify content on the website that they may be unable to do independently.

Search Engine Marketing:

SEM refers to paid advertising on search engines, generally referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click).

Paid advertisements are not included in website rankings. Therefore, SEO and SEM are two different things.

The search engine provides various options to website owners on payments and selecting the budget for there advertisement.