Types of Branding

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1. Personal Branding  

You’ve already heard about this far too many times, but guess what, you will hear it again.
Consider personal brand as you branding yourself as opposed to a business or product. It’s all about putting yourself and face out there, developing a positive image and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

2. Corporate Branding

This type is usually employed by businesses with a vision to create a good reputation around an imaginary identity, which invariably cuts across every sphere of organizational service, products, culture, and corporate responsibilities.

3. Product Branding

The most common form of branding, noticed how those colors, shape and logo pop on a particular product while walking through a supermarket? Yes, that’s product branding.

4. Service Branding

This type of branding specifically focuses on the perceived added value. It strongly emphasizes providing clients with amazing services and often time uses this as a selling point.

5. Geographical Branding

Synonymous to the tourism industry. Geographical branding aims to increase the reputation of a particular region or area and tends to focus on its unique traits, giving the citizens more reason to visit. An example is an Egyptian Pyramid and I Amsterdam branding.

6. Online Branding 

This isn’t a standalone type of branding, it’s more like a subpart under the general umbrella. If you are looking to position your business/yourself online, then this is for you, Blog, Website, Youtube, Social media all fall under this.

7. Co-Branding

When two or more brands are connected by the same product. Co-Branding is said to have occurred. it’s more like rubbing each other’s success on one another in a cohesive marketing partnership. An example is the Uber & Spotify partnership on the ‘soundtrack for your ride’ campaign, which provided a better riding experience for customers by allowing them to be the DJs of their trips.