Pick a Domain Name for Your Website

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A domain name server is a program that translated domain names into IP addresses. DNS servers maintain a database that consists of the hierarchical name structure of the various domains in order to use a logical name for device identification. 

This type of address/name resolution is called the service provider-initiated. The largest use of DNS is in the internet. They are used to translate site names, such as sybex.com to actual network addresses.

To work with names, a general structure has to be defined. The domain name uses separate components in a complete name to identify the different levels of management.

A domain name that ends with a period is called an Absolute Domain Name or a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

The basic classification of the organizational domains is given below: 

You can easily choose your domain name for your website with the help of some steps are : 

1. Find a Domain Check

2. Run a Domain Name Search 

3. Pick Your Perfect Domain

4. Add to Cart 

5. Billing Information

6. Choose a Payment Method

7. Complete Domain Name Registration

You can easily purchase a domain from Godaddy.com with the help of these steps.